Workload Placement: What is optimal? Cloud, hybrid, or on-premise?

Which infrastructure is best for your workloads?

Workload placement is a problem every organization deals with today. This issue has become more complex with the emergence of the myriad of solutions from traditional on-premise, to hybrid, to private cloud, and to public cloud. Organizations can spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to determine an optimal solution for just one of their workloads.  With this extensive cross functional effort, organizations still may lack the insight needed to determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, and/or on-premise infrastructure for all their various workloads and applications.

Benefits of Precision IT

Precision IT’s analytic platform and services provide the automation and unique insight needed to provide the benefits below for workload optimization assessments.

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  • Time-to-value– Develop automated financial, capacity planning, tech refresh, and cloud/on-premise architecture analyses in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Financial Insight that makes a difference– Precision IT’s Compute Performance Metric (CPM) relative performance values, Software/Hardware libraries, and financial analytic capabilities provides insight needed to identify infrastructure and software TCO reductions up to 60%.
  • Decision Objectivity– Provide consistent and repeatable decision objectivity with proven sizing and evaluation methodology.
  • Accuracy– Improve accuracy by eliminating errors from manually analyzing large amounts of complex data.
  • What if / Ad hoc scenarios– Quickly analyze multiple solution combinations and constraint variables to define optimal infrastructure and software solutions.

Optimize your Environment

Precision IT can help your company reduce software and infrastructure TCO by up to 60% by choosing the optimal cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructure for your workloads and applications. If you would like to determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, or on-premise architecture for your workloads and applications, please fill out the contact sheet on this page.