Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis and Cloud Configuration Mapping

Reduce your Infrastructure and Software TCO with Google Cloud Platform

The latest release of CloudAssist™ by Precision IT includes Google Cloud Platform support.  You can now quickly do comparative side-by-side analyses of any existing environment to the Google Cloud Platform, any compute, converged, hyperconverged, and/or public cloud solution.

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Google Cloud Platform Analytics 

With Precision IT’s CloudAssist™ analytic engine you will receive comparative TCO analytics, reducing your infrastructure and licensed software TCO up to 70%. You will also receive a Cloud Configuration Mapping highlighting the optimal compute, storage, and network options with respective pricing plans. 

Google Cloud Platform Analysis (example)

Optimize Your Hybrid Infrastructure

In addition to determining the optimal Google Cloud Platform solution, the platform’s TCOAssist™ and ConsolAssist™ analytic engines help companies determine the optimal public cloud, on-premise compute, converged and/or hyperconverged solutions for their workloads and applications.

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