Introducing IBM HMC Scanner Smart API and LPAR Support

Capacity Planning and Financial Analytics in Minutes with HMC Scanner API

Built-in IBM HMC Scanner Smart APITM support enables automated data uploads of your existing POWER physical server, LPAR, storage, and software environments. With the HMC Scanner API capability, you can determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, and/or on-premise infrastructure for your workloads and applications in minutes, reducing TCO up to 70%. HMC Scanner Smart API enables quick time-to-value for:
  • Optimization of your existing Power environment to maximize ROI of existing hardware and software investments
  • IBM Power refresh, hyper-converged, and/or cloud comparative TCO analytics
  • Workload/application mapping and optimization of physical servers and LPARs, reducing infrastructure and software licensing cost up to 70%.

New features at-a-glance

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Easily upload your environment details with APIs.

The new HMC Scanner API maps your IBM Power environment to the system at the click of a button. Optimizing your environment has never been so easy.

Optimize your workloads.

Reduce software cost up to 70% by right-sizing your LPARs on the most cost effective infrastructure.
Optimize your Environment
If you would like to determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, or on-premise architecture for your workloads and applications, please fill out the contact sheet on this page.