Make smarter IT decisions with Precision IT

Simplify your cloud, datacenter, and software decisions with analytics that
optimize your costs, time, and resources.

Reduce your IT Spend

Precision IT’s Infrastructure Engine provides comprehensive sizing and cost comparisons for Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud infrastructure environments. Quickly determine the most cost-effective infrastructure for your workloads and applications, reducing infrastructure and software licensing TCO up to 70%

Choose the infrastructure that is right for you

Business Case Justification

Before choosing the right infrastructure for you workloads and applications, know what you have — and what you really need. With vendor-agnostic insights, Precision IT gives customers a detailed understanding of IT needs, right-sized solution, and cost-optimized TCO/ROI business case.

Cloud and On-Premise Relative Performance Metrics

Our unique cloud and server Composite Performance Metrics (CPM) relative performance values enable head-to-head performance comparisons across cloud and server vendors’ products and configurations. You will be able to quickly estimate performance requirements and rightsize the optimal solution.

Software License Optimization

With the Precsion IT platform you can harness the power of data analytics to quickly assess your software portfolio to ensure your licensed software is running on-premises or in the cloud, at the lowest cost and best performance.

Reduce your Cloud Spend

Quickly make data-supported decisions about lowering your cloud costs. The Precision platform will analyze your existing cloud configuration and resource utilization and instantly identify optimization opportunities for rightsized migration to new cloud instances. With the Precision platform you will increase utilization and lower costs by ensuring that you are not over allocating capacity to your instances.

Optimize Existing IT Assets

Before investing in new cloud and/or hardware infrastructure, optimize your existing IT investments. Quickly identify underutilized assets and dynamically move workloads, maximizing the utilization of infrastructure you have already paid for. Postpone or eliminate technology refresh and growth budgets, sunset older technologies, and reduce licensed software costs.

Automate Capacity Planning

Our unique Composite Performance Metrics (CPM) cloud and server relative performance values enable objective, head-to-head comparisons across cloud and server vendors’ products and configurations enabling organizations to quickly estimate current and future performance requirements and budgets

Transform the IT purchasing experience

Optimize your procurement cycle and increase your negotiating leverage for your IT investments by quickly performing internal self-paced RFP comparisons to determine the most cost-effective solution and attainable discount level. With the Precision platform you will be able to evaluate the optimal cloud, on-premises, and/or hybrid solution to replace existing infrastructure. With our vendor-agnostic insights, you will be able to quickly tailor the most cost effective right sized solution.

Become a Trusted Advisor

The Precision platform will provide tech sellers with the tools to become a trusted advisor providing insights to reduce sales cycles and improve win rates. You will be able to provide data and comparative analytics that validate the optimal infrastructure and software solution for your customers accompanied with objective and actionable TCO/ROI business case. By integrating competitive analytics into every stage of the sales process, tech sellers can offer unparalleled value and demonstrate a deep understanding of their clients’ challenges and objectives.

Ready to Get Started?

The Precision IT SaaS-based analytics platform is based on a proven methodology developed from years of experience modeling and analyzing complex infrastructure environments. Take the guess work out of knowing which cloud, hybrid, and/or on-premise infrastructure solution provides the optimal TCO for your workloads/applications.


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