Determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, and/or On-Premise infrastructure solution for your workloads & applications.

Problems We Solve:

Workload Placement

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership up to 70% by selecting the right cloud, hybrid, or on-premise infrastructure for your workloads.

Cloud Sizing / Migration Planning

Determine optimal public cloud architecture via automated cloud sizing and migration planning analytics.

Software Licensing Containment

Precision IT’s software licensing analytic engine enables you to quickly determine the optimal infrastructure to contain and reduce your software costs.

Capacity Planning

Enable automated capacity planning and consolidation analytics via Precision IT’s Compute Performance Metric (CPM) database.


Precision IT helps companies quickly develop actionable financial assessments, capacity planning analyses, and migration mapping plans.  Our financial and consolidation analytic engines allow you to develop customized TCO and consolidation analyses that can reduce software and infrastructure TCO up to 70%. The Precision IT SaaS-based analytics platform is based on a proven methodology developed from years of experience modeling and analyzing complex infrastructure environments. Take the guess work out of knowing which cloud, hybrid, and/or on-premise infrastructure solution provides the optimal TCO for your workloads/applications.

How It Works


Step 1.

Our process is minimally invasive – no agents or collectors. We need to collect 5 pieces of information from the existing environment to complete an analysis.

Step 2.

Simply choose existing software environments from our Software Library.

Step 3.

Choose from Cloud, Converged, Hyperconverged, and/or Compute infrastructure Targets to compare to your existing environment.

Step 4.

Run the analysis to determine optimal cloud, hybrid, or on-premise solution for your workload/application and respective sizing and migration plan.

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